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Welcome to my stream, you wanna be part of our community? Read on .....
Question, does the game I’m playing have moderation/censor tools?
If it does not, or you're unsure, it's pointless asking until myself, or one of mods, get to know you in chat, just turning up and demanding "Can I have the link" or "Can you invite me" is NOT going to get you in to the game, hang around for a little bit, join in from the sidelines, get to know us, and do NOT do things like 'stream snipe' or you'll be purged and banned from my channel.
"Why do you do this?" I hear you ask, well read on ......
First, I'm out to make a community and make new friends as well as stream, I'm using the streaming as a means of meeting new friends in the games I play and building my community.
So if you are here just for the games and not to get to know me and my friends, you ARE welcome to join, but friends and my community will get priority and if you are taking a space and a friend wants to join, you will be kicked from the game to allow them to join. Eventually you'll move from community member to acquaintances to friend with me and others (might take a while, might not) and keeping returning to play games with us on a Friday and Saturday. If this doesn't sound appealing or acceptable to you, you might as well leave quietly now and find another streamer. If you leave with a scene or a huff (like who does he think he is?) and a puff (or anything troll/idiot like) you will be purged and banned, remember I'm trying to build a community and make friends, not people who use and abuse. 🙂
I mainly play games with my community on a Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm ET and I play a variety of games (listed below) and I’m open for suggestions for other games to play. Sometimes I'll also do a random single player, development or retro stream on a Sunday, but I also might not. But, I'm NOT going to just drop what we are doing and change the game to what YOU want, just because you don't enjoy the game we are playing.
I'm a very chilled streamer and I don't rush to start the games, if one of my community or friends has gone AFK to do something (unless they've not let me know, and I'll kick them too) I'll wait until they return, if they have gone for a long time, they'll usually leave, so don't ask me to start the game and sooner, just because you are getting impatient, there are plenty of other streamers and/or games you can play with if you really, really, need to get your game on.
I also don't like trolls, I'm all for having a little fun, a little banter, etc, but any bad attitudes, or anything that goes against twitch's TOS or Community guidelines or my base rules (which can be found in my !discord) then again, you'll be purged and banned by one of my mods or myself.
Oh, scousers rule, I just figured I'd say that and there is a reason, it's what I’m classed as, it's like a pop quiz and I might ask if you read these.
I totally get that IRL gets in the way, and I also expect IRL to come first, that is how my community operate, sometimes you don't seem them for a few days or weeks, and then they meet back up again.
So, here is a list of games I generally will play if I’m in the mood, and I'm mainly going to play the game that the most friends have on the night they are around.
Golf With Your Friends, Human: Fall Flat, Jackbox Party Pack, skribbl.io, Marbles On Stream, Stick Fight The Game, Duck Game, Grand Theft Auto V, The Elder Scrolls Online, Card Against Humanity, Uno, Wreckfest, Among Us, Peekaboo, Gang Beasts and that is to just name a few
I am open to ideas for other game that are multiplayer and co-operative with or without moderation and censor tools, but the later are games I'll only really trust with friends and my community, not randoms (which you will be when you first come to see me, just like everybody else was, so don't take it personal)
Anyways, enjoy and I'll speak to you soon.