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So, my name is Paul (not hiding that, it's in my panels on Twitch), I'm a Brit in the USA, and I'm out to make friends. Sure I've got people I work with, but there is only a handful of them I can call friends.

When I moved over here, I left all my 'online gaming friends' behind, and now they are on a GMT+5, when I go live at 7.30 ET most are giving it the 'ZZZZZzzzzzzs' and to expect them to stay up just to play games with me, well, it's a no no.(even though there is a few exceptions to that rule now, I've got new friends who are GMT and CET and they stay up to join in now)

So, after I spoke to the wife for a 'green light', I decided to start playing games at the weekend with a few 'new friends' but over time, IRL gets in the way, and there are times when not everybody is around, available, or even in the mood. So, this is were streaming come into play.

I figured, I could go online, and hopefully find someone who was wanting to play games with me, sure I might not have the personality you like, but then you are looking at my channel and you can be the judge of that.

I still do have people who come along, who are new friends, that I've met since I've been streaming, but again, sometimes certain weekends, everybody is busy and I'll generally have nobody around.

I used to play single player games, but I felt it was unfair on my friends who were around, who came to play with me, just to watch and not be able to interact, so I switched just to multiplayer games so we could all play (provided they owned the game, and that is another situation)

So, this is all I'm asking, if you fancy playing any of these,

Among Us, Cards Against Humanity, Drawful 2, Duck Game, Fall Guys, Gang Beasts, Golf With Your Friends, GTA5 - Multiplayer Games, Human: Fall Flat, Jackbox Party Pack 1 thru 9, L4D2, Marbles On Stream, Peek-a-Boo, Pummel Party, skribbl.io, Stick Fight The Game, Tabletop Simulator, Team Fortress 2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Uno, Use Your Words, Worms W.M.D, Wreckfest,

then your welcome to swing by my stream, see if you want to get to know me, if you come by, don't like it, and leave, I'll be none the wiser (Oh, I do have a few little rules, go here and read them https://pjghangouts.com/rules/.

I'm also open to suggestions, but I'll generally go with the 'majority' If you do fancy joining in with myself and friends, then I do have a Discord were most of us chat while playing and for the most part it ends up a decent night for all.

I'm slowly creeping towards 50 (figured I'd put that out there, not to shock people) and I do have a few rules in my Discord, like 18+ for voice chat out the gate, under 18s I'll have to get to know you, to make sure you are the mature type

Bits, Subscriptions, Donations, Follows, etc are appreciated.

It shows that you care and you want to support me.

I'm only out to play games online with people and make new friends that I'll chat too offline in the Discord through the week (as I only stream Fri and Sat, part time streamer, full time job and life and a happy wife is a happy life).

I have ended up with friends who will do the 'streamer' stuff, but I just enjoy playing the games and having a few drinks.

So, if I've not bored you up to this point, maybe one weekend you can swing by, come and say Hi and join in with the game I've got going (I'll generally play the game that enough people want to play).