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Welcome to PJGHangouts

So you've come to this page, as you've probably seen my stream and done the !discord (before you click it, I'd advise reading on below, or you'll be disappointed) command or just generally searched for pjghangouts.com?
There are other parts to this simple site, you can go to
About, Rules or Contact Me
Please understand, it's not a 'free for all game' we are playing, I may be playing with my community, we may be full up and just by demanding the 'code' is NOT going to get you it and likely to get you ignored or even banned if you keep repeating yourself, as you think doing it will somehow make us think you are special and you MUST have it, if someone in my game gives you it by mistake and I don't want it given out and it was an error, I'll just start a new lobby. If I seem mean and you don't like my rules, go and find another streamer.
Most of the people you are seeing playing, or hearing, have got to know me over the time I've been streaming, they too were 'Randos' but they choose to get to know the community, and now they are playing with us.

While your playing games with us, if your not signed in, try to type in the chat box, if may ask you to sign in via Twitch.

It would be nice and really appreciated if you were to also lurk in my stream, just mute the tab while you are watching, it triggers as a viewer, and it will push my up the list of people in this category. I'll say 'Thank You' now.

or, someone sent you here as you wanted the Discord link?
Scroll to the bottom, and click the Discord Icon.
My other website, mainly to do with my programming is

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